I’ve been wanting to do a lot of work around Mental Health and use my Blog to really help people. So when I was kindly offered the opportunity of reading and reviewing Gail Mitchell’s ‘Loving the Life Less Lived’* for Mental Health Awareness Week 2017, I couldn’t turn it down!

Loving The Life Less Lived - Gail Marie Mitchell

Now I’ve never really gone into the Mental Health issues that I suffer with on my blog before – however I do have a more personal post coming soon! But I was told that Gail had suffered with both anxiety and depression throughout her life and had learnt that through accepting her mental illnesses, she had found a way to cope with them and has even shared throughout her book her tips and ‘toolbox’ on how she did this and how we can do this too.

Gail is really relatable throughout the book and that is one of the first things I noticed through reading. I related to her straight away and because we suffer with similar mental health issues, when she described feeling certain ways, I just completely understood how that felt. She describes the different mental illnesses that she had faced in detail – which can also help people who don’t suffer with them the begin to understand what they are. And she is completely honest throughout the book, she shares everything that she has been through.

I think this book could definitely help anyone suffering with mental health issues, you realise that although you feel alone going through it, you actually aren’t and there are so many people suffering with similar issues too. If you are dealing with a mental health issue, or even if you aren’t and you know someone who is, I would definitely recommend picking up this book and giving it a read. This book and Gail have definitely encouraged me to start focusing more on looking after myself and talking a lot more openly about my mental health too.

*  This book was kindly gifted to me for me to review, however all opinions and views are my own.

Last weekend, me and Mum had a bit of  a girly day and of course we went shopping! As I didn’t buy too much I didn’t think there was enough to do a ‘Try On Haul’ on my YouTube Channel so I thought I would do this as a Blog post. So here are the things I picked up.

Primark – Denim Jacket £12

I love Denim Jackets, however I haven’t actually owned one for years! But I noticed this one in Primark a couple of weeks back and knew I wanted it straight away. It is a light blue colour which is perfect for this time of year! And I will be teaming this with some leggings and a nice top and as the weather gets nicer, maybe a skirt or dress too. I’ve also been loving wearing this to the Rugby games and have been wearing it with a Hoody underneath, some leggings and some trainers.



I wasn’t actually going to buy anything else other than the denim jacket from Primark. But mum was looking for an outfit for a hen do so we wandered over to Quiz in our local Debenhams and I fell in love! Quiz are killing it at the minute and I loved pretty much everything I saw, I could have easily picked up another few items!

Pink Bardot Top – £16.99 – FIND IT HERE

I love the Bardot style for Summer and I don’t have a top in this colour. It also has the Bell sleeves which are everywhere at the minute! This would look amazing for going out for some drinks and I would wear this with some jeans and some wedges to dress it up, as well as wearing a pinky/peachy make up look! I think that would look amazing!

Blue Bardot Top – £22.99 – FIND IT HERE

As I said, I love Bardot tops and I saw this one and it’s so different to the Bardot tops I’ve seen before. I love the white detailing around the top and on the sleeves. I think this would look nice with some denim jeans but would also look amazing with some white jeans to dress it up a little more too.

Striped Jumpsuit – £26.99 – FIND IT HERE

This was my favourite! I had no hopes for this at all because I’m quite short so unless the jumpsuits are petite, there is usually no chance of it fitting me! And I realise that after looking at the jumpsuit on the model this is supposed to be a Culotte Jumpsuit but on me it is full length – however I don’t care because I liked how it looked on me! This is going to look amazing on holiday – just wait for the Holiday LookBook like I did last summer (check it out HERE!). The pants are a little flared which is also really in at the minute as it is a Culotte Jumpsuit and I just love the shape of it and the fact it comes with a little belt to show the shape of your waist.

So I’ve seen so many Bloggers doing these type of posts and I thought they would be a perfect way to look back at all the things I got up to each month. So here is the first Monthly Round Up Post I will be doing for March 2017.

At the start of the month, we went to a family friends 21st Birthday Party, they had a photo booth so obviously I was straight in that, where Kieran decided to beat me up (see the picture below!). It was also the same night as a big boxing match? I have no clue who was fighting but yeah, so the boys obviously spent their night watching that, whilst I was busy dancing to all the old songs the DJ was playing, like steps.


Of course, on the 8th March it was International Women’s Day, which I loved! I love all the positivity for girls and instead of tearing other girls down, my whole twitter feed was all about spreading love for girls!

Me and Kieran also had a date night where we went to the cinema and watched Patriots Day, which is all about the Boston Bombings in 2013. Kieran also surprised me with the most beautiful bunch of flowers, he’s a goodun isn’t he! The film was so emotional and moving, there were so many times I found myself sobbing!  But I definitely recommend watching it, it was such an amazing film and definitely puts things in perspective of what is important in life. It also makes you realise how much the services actually do in times like this.


Over the past few weeks I’ve been having a little bit of a tough time and feeling quite down, and Kieran told me that his dad wanted to go out with us one Sunday. So I got ready thinking we were going to see Kieran’s dad for the day and go out for dinner and actually Kieran and my best friend Sophie had been planning to take me to Preston for the day for me to spend some time with all the people that I love! I honestly have the best friend and best boyfriend! Sophie also got me the cutest card and little presents to cheer me up too!IMG_4014.JPG

Towards the end of the month, me and Kieran went on a double date with my cousin and his girlfriend. We went to the Trafford Centre and had tea at TGI Fridays, would be rude not to! And then we went to watch Beauty and the Beast! I absolutely loved it!! If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you doing?! You need to!

And finally, Me and Kieran went to zoo as part of a Birthday present he got me to feed the Giraffes! It was amazing and I loved the whole day! I vlogged it so head over to my YouTube Channel – HERE – to see exactly what I did. But obviously we got to feed the giraffes which was amazing, but we also got to see the Rhinos too and I actually stroked a Rhino and it’s baby Rhino! Like how many people can say that! It was amazing and I’m so happy that Kieran thought to get me that as a present for my 21st because I absolutely loved it!

Let me know what you got up to throughout March and if you do these types of posts too, leave it below and I’ll go and check it out!

Beth x

First of all I just want to say a massive thank you to both Threads & Co and Made Management for sending me these beautiful lashes! I’m so in love with them and as I’ve recently started applying lashes and wearing them on nights out, I definitely couldn’t say no to these lashes!Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I was sent two sets of lashes – one in the Be-Bop style and the other in the Celestial style. The Be-Bop lashes are the more natural pair out of the two styles, however they are still so long and fluttery. The Celestial lashes are the perfect lashes for nights out and are so similar to the lashes I usually wear.


I wore the Be-Bop lashes to the rugby as they were the more natural pair out of the two and loved them! They were so fluttery but still so natural. The band on both pairs of lashes are quite thick but as long as you press them down to your natural lashes, you can get away with wearing no eyeliner with them.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

The Celestial Lashes are the perfect for going out for me and I’m saving these for a wedding we have coming up, as I know they will be perfect for that. They remind me a little bit of the Ardell Demi Wispies, which I love so if you are also a fan of these, i would definitely recommend you try these lashes!

I want to thank Threads & Co again for sending me these lashes, they’re beautiful and I can’t wait to wear the Celestial Style too and try out more styles that they do.

Threads Beauty Twitter – Here

I know, where have I been?! After Christmas I had my Birthday and I’ve set up my own YouTube Channel and my blog has been neglected but I’m back! And towards the end of January I turned 21. I feel like I have learnt quite a lot throughout those 21 years, however I’m sure I still have a lot more to learn! Anyway, I thought I would share with you, 21 things that I have learnt in 21 years!IMG_3588

  1. You do you! Don’t let anyone else’s opinions affect the way you think about what you’re doing.
  2. Always say ‘I love you’. You can never tell people that you love them too many times!
  3. Friends come and go! Don’t take it personally, it just happens.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others! You always think other people are doing better than you, but don’t compare yourself to them. They are going at their speed and you are going at yours. Focus on yourself and you will cut out so much negativity.
  5. Everyone has down days. Don’t let it get to you too much when you’re going through them.
  6. Life’s short! Buy the eyeshadow palette (this is my personal motto!)
  7. Cut negative people out. Throughout school and college and even since, I have had plenty of negative friends who only bother to speak to me and see me when they have problems going on. They were rarely there for me so I simply stopped replying to their texts moaning about their latest relationship dramas and cut them out. And since doing this, I have a much more supportive group of friends around me and I am a lot more positive.
  8. Let things go. Yes people will say and do things that will really piss you off and really upset you. But honestly, life is too short to hold grudges, forgive and move on.
  9. Exercise really does make you feel better. I know! Whenever I’m feeling a little bit low, I always try to do a workout, even if it’s only at home! I have a board on Pinterest of loads of fitness and exercises that you can do at home and honestly, it makes you feel so much better.
  10. You reap what you sew. This couldn’t be more true! I am a total believer in that if you do good things then more good things will come to you! If you work hard, then you will definitely see rewards.
  11. A hot Lush bath solves 99% of problems! Had a bad day? Get a Lush bath bomb! Feeling down? Get a Lush bath bomb! Need to relax? Get a Lush bath bomb! Do I need to say any more?
  12. Family is the most important thing. To me, my family is the most important thing, I include my boyfriend and best friend in this category also and I would do anything for family members. I couldn’t imagine being without my family.
  13. Mental Health Issues aren’t something to be ashamed of – no matter if people make you feel that way! I’ve had relationships and friendships where I have been made to feel ashamed of my mental health! No one should feel ashamed about speaking out, so people who make you feel this way deserve to be cut out!!
  14. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Whether thats a partner or whatever, you should never just settle for things.
  15. Trust your instincts. They are generally right!
  16. It’s ok to be single for a while! You don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy, and you should have time on your own to learn who you are and what you like – as cheesy as that sounds!
  17. Don’t waste your time on f**k boys! Seriously, why even bother? If you know a guy is bad for you, chances are he is! And he’s not gonna treat you any differently to how he treats other girls. Just go find yourself someone else.
  18. Be kind. Everyone has their own stuff going on, just be kind. And if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say anything at all.
  19. Take time for yourself. You are the most important person, so instead of focusing on everyone else, just focus on yourself and take time for yourself. You’re allowed time out.
  20. Don’t let others opinions determine what you’re doing. You’re your own person, don’t let other people tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing.
  21. Love yourself! No one will ever love you as much as you could love yourself. Instead of putting yourself down, focus on the positives and love yourself.