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Hello! Recently I’ve been doing a lot of shopping for new clothes. I love Autumn/Winter for clothes, it is my favourite season to buy them so around September/October time I always look for loads of new things ready for Autumn. So today, I’m just going to show you the things that I have bought in the past couple of weeks. I got most of these things online and only actually bought one item in store. I will also leave a link to everything at the bottom of the blog post.

So the first place I ordered from was New Look. I only ordered two things from New Look but there was so much more that I really wanted! The first item I ordered was this Petite Tan Suedette Scallop Hem Cami top which I love. I saw this in store and tried it on and I loved it straight away! I wanted to order something else that wasn’t in store so just decided to order this online too. I don’t have anything this colour or anything like this in my wardrobe already and I love wearing this with some blue denim jeans and some black dolly shoes. I checked online and they do this top in their tall range as well as petite. I have also seen online that they do this top in burgundy which is a colour that I love wearing at this time of the year and I feel like it suits me because of my hair which is ombre so I think I will be ordering it in that colour too as it is only £9.99.

The next item that I ordered from New Look was this Black Roll Neck Long Sleeve top which I have been after for a while now. I just wanted a plain black top that I could wear with patterned skirts and I am loving roll necks for this season so when I came across this online, I needed to order it! It was only £8.99 too so it was so cheap for something that I have been looking for for ages. I haven’t had a chance to wear this yet but I am planning to wear this at the weekend with a berry coloured skirt to go for a meal. 
The next shop that I had a look at online was Boohoo. Whenever I am looking for clothes online, I always find myself on Boohoo as I love it and they always have deals on. I think when I ordered everything from here there was a 20% off Autumn Essentials deal on so I used that. The first thing I ordered was the Violet Turtle Neck Dip Hem Knitted top. I love to wear this during the day when I don’t want to get too dressed up as it is a very simple and casual top. Like I said, I have been loving the roll necks and the turtle necks this season so I liked this as soon as I saw the picture online. I thought it was such a simple thing to have in your wardrobe for Autumn and I think the colours are very autumnal and at only £6.00 I couldn’t resist buying this. I got this top in the colour Stone.

My next order were these Sophia Lace Up Hiker Boots in the colour Sand and I love them so much. I have been wanting some boots this colour since probably this time last year but didn’t really look for any then. When I was ordering everything I thought I would just have a quick look at the shoes and these were on the first page I think and I knew I needed them. I added them straight to my basket and I love them since getting them. I think they look more expensive than they were as well which I like and I love wearing fluffy socks during this season so these boots are perfect for that. They are so comfy and I find myself going to wear these almost everyday since I got them. They were only £25 and I think that is such a good price for these considering that they look more expensive and how comfy they are. 

I think every Autumn/Winter I always end up buying so many new jumpers so I obviously had to get a couple from Boohoo. So I ordered the Katherine Oversized Jumper in Berry because, like I said before, I feel like this colour suits me because of my hair colour. However, they do this in so many different colours so you could have whatever colour you wanted. This is such a cosy jumper, normally whenever I go outside in just a jumper I am still so cold and need to put a coat on too but I haven’t found this with this jumper. I can go outside in just this for most of the day and still be so warm. It is probably my favourite jumper at the minute and I just always end up putting it over whatever I have got on and it was only £15. 
The final thing that I purchased from Boohoo was the Emily Side Split Moss Stitch Tunic Jumper and I didn’t actually read this properly when I ordered it as I thought it was a top not a jumper, even though it says in the title it is a jumper! But when it came and I saw that it was a jumper I liked it even more than I would have done if it was just a top. I love this so much and it can be worn just as a casual outfit but you can also dress it up. I wore this at the weekend when me and my boyfriend went on a date so I wanted to dress it up a bit but still keep it kind of casual and it was the perfect item to do that with. I just dressed with a pink statement necklace and then did my makeup to match so used pink eyeshadows from my Naked 3 palette and added a nude lipstick. I love the splits down the sides of the jumper and I have never tried this style before so wasn’t sure how it would look but I love it. 
The final item I purchased was from River Island and this was the one item that was bought in store. It is a Grey Wrap Front Top and this is also a style that I am loving this season, I love how it wraps over and it looks really nice on too. I wasn’t sure on this when I first saw it on the hanger but then I noticed one of the women working in the store wearing it and it looked really good on her so I wanted to try it on. I thought that it looked a lot nicer after trying it on than it did on the hanger. This is similar to the last item from Boohoo in the terms that you can dress it up or just wear it casual which I love. They also do this in a dark orange colour but personally I prefer it in the grey colour. 
So that is everything I have recently purchased to add to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. I am sure that I’ll be going through all of the shops online again in the next couple of weeks and definitely ordering lots more things! I will leave a link to everything mentioned in this blog just below this and will hopefully be posting another blog post again next Wednesday. 
Items from New Look: 
Petite Tan Suedette Scallop Hem Cami: 
Black Roll Neck Long Sleeve Top:
Items from Boohoo: 
Violet Turtle Neck Dip Hem Knitted Top: 
Sophia Lace Up Hiker Boots: 
Katherine Oversized Jumper:
Emily Side Split Moss Stitch Tunic Jumper:
Item from River Island:
Grey Wrap Front Top:

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