Helen’s Beauty Box Review

Hi guys! So today I wanted to do a review for a few different products from a group on Facebook called Helen’s Beauty Box. I discovered this group when they followed me on Instagram and I followed them back. I liked the look of a lot of the products that were being posted and noticed that they had a private group on Facebook so I decided to join and purchase a few of the products that I liked the look of. I will link the Facebook and Instagram for this site at the end of the blog post.

So the first thing that I liked the look of was the AP24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste. On the group they have posted before and after pictures of people using this toothpaste and the results looked so good. I drink quite a lot of tea during the day which can leave stains on your teeth and it says on the facebook page that this toothpaste is designed to lift the stains off your teeth. I only got these items yesterday but I wanted to put the post up today so I have only tried the toothpaste twice so far but I really like it. I feel like this will definitely work for getting rid of stains of your teeth and it has a lovely minty kind of taste to it. It is also only £10 so it is so cheap too! 

The next thing I bought was the Marine Mud Mask. Both me and my mum have been using one of the face masks from Lush but it has run out now so I was looking for a different one and found this on the group. My mum tried this last night and I tried it this morning and we both felt like it has left our faces feeling so soft. I also get a few blackheads on my nose sometimes and this has got rid of them all! You are supposed to leave this mask on for 20 minutes and then wash off with warm water and it will get rid of all the dirt on your face. I used some moisturiser after taking this off and my face has felt so soft and smooth all day. It is quite a big tube so you will definitely get a lot of masks out of this. It was quite runny when it came out of the tube which I wasn’t expecting it to be like, however I preferred this as it made it easier to spread all over my face. 

I also decided to buy a foundation as I love to try out new make up. I got the Advanced Liquid Finish Foundation in the colour 65 – Pink Ochre. All of these foundations have anti-ageing benefits within them and it also has SPF 15 included too which I think is such a good thing to have in your foundation so it can protect your skin. I tried this foundation this morning and I found that it was very light compared to other foundations that I have so this is great if you don’t like to wear too much make up on your face but still want to have something on. It doesn’t feel like you have anything on either so it is so good if you want a more natural look. 

The final things that I purchased were the Replenishing Lipsticks. These were the products that I wanted to buy in the first place as the colours looked so good on all of the pictures that had been posted and I really wanted to try them. I got three colours which are 02 – Petal Pink, 08 – Berry Glaze and 12 – Champagne Kisses. These lipsticks make your lips feel hydrated and smooth and makes them look healthy. 
The first lipstick I tried was 02 – Petal Pink and I really liked this colour. I love pink colours for lipsticks but not when the pink is too bright or not when it is too light that it looks like you haven’t got any lipstick on. This colour is a perfect pink, it isn’t too bright but it also isn’t too light. When it is on your lips it looks like it has a shimmer on your lips too which looks so lovely! All of the lipsticks also feel very hydrating and they don’t leave your lips feeling dry afterwards. 
The next lipstick I tried was the 08 – Berry Glaze and this is probably my favourite colour that I got. I was talking to Helen about a week before I purchased these items and she said that this colour was lovely and she really liked it too which kind of persuaded me to buy this one. Around this time of year I always want to try more Berry and darker colours on my lips but I always get too scared when it comes to trying them but this colour is perfect because it isn’t too dark but it still gives me an option for wearing a darker lip colour than I usually would.
The final lipstick and product that I got was 12 – Champagne Kisses which is a lovely nude colour which I am obsessed with wearing all year round. This colour is more of an orange toned nude on my lips which I like because I don’t have another like this in my make up collection so it is very different. It looks lovely on and I think this would look so nice in the Spring/Summer kind of months because it is more orange toned on me, it looks more of a summery kind of colour. As I said, all of these lipsticks are very hydrating and they don’t leave your lips feeling dry after wearing them. 
I really like all of the products that I purchased from Helen’s Beauty Box and I would definitely recommend buying products from this group as they are really good quality. I can’t wait to continue using the whitening toothpaste and I will keep you updated with the results from this. I would definitely buy more products from this group and Helen is lovely too, if you need any help with anything such as asking about products, she will get in touch with you really quickly and is really helpful. Here are the links to her Facebook and Instagram websites: 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1460886580875595/ 
Instagram: https://instagram.com/helensbeautybar/ 

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