October Glossybox

Hello! This is my first ever blog post so I’m sorry if it isn’t the best! Over the past couple of years, especially this last year, I have discovered a love for all things beauty, make up and fashion. I love trying out new make up and seeing what works for me as well as trying out new fashion styles each season so I wanted to create a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog.

So I’m just going to jump straight into my first beauty products review. All of the products that are being reviewed have come from Glossybox. This is the first box I have purchased from them and I love it! I love the way it has been packaged and I love the concept of receiving different products from different brands each month. When purchasing from Glossybox you can choose the plan that you would like ranging from one month plan to a twelve month one.

The first item is the Nicka K Airbrush Blending Sponge which I love! I only have one beauty blending sponge so far but I love using it, especially to blend my liquid foundation and concealer around the smaller areas of my face such as just under my eyes and around my nose. I love the shape of this sponge, it goes in at the middle, comes back out and then goes into a point at the top of the sponge. I know that I will love using this blending sponge and it only costs £6.50 at nicka.com too so it’s a really good price for something that is such a useful thing to have in your make up bag.

 The next item is the So Susan Haute Light Highlighting Pencil. To sample this, I just used the pencil to highlight around my brows and under my eyes where I sometimes get dark circles and I liked how much I felt like the product brightened my eyes up. As I usually wear quite dark eye shadows, I felt like it just added a bit of extra light around my eyes. The box says that this pencil can also be used as a shadow base which I would be interested in trying out. I normally use a highlighting powder to add some light around my eyes, however I felt like this pencil made my eyes look brighter than the powder does so I will definitely be using this product again. 
Next is the Lanolips 101 Ointment Multipurpose Balm which is for chapped lips and dry patches of skin. When Autumn comes I am always prone to getting really dry skin at the top of my nose, between my eyebrows and I am always looking for products that will help my skin. Before applying, you could see where my skin is becoming dry and flaky on my nose, however once I applied this I felt like you couldn’t really notice this anymore. I feel like it has really moisturised that area of my skin and would be such a good product to use throughout these next few months when it gets colder. It is also only £7.99 from Boots so it is such a good price if you suffer with really dry skin.  
The next product from Glossybox is the Talika Photo-Hydra Day which is a moisturiser that states that it uses energy from natural light to moisturise the skin. I used this all over my face and I loved it. I loved the way that it felt on my face, it is very light and it feels like you are just washing your face when you are rubbing it in. It feels very hydrating and has made my face feel very soft and smooth hours after using it. I will definitely be using this every morning. 
The final product in the October Glossybox is the Jelly Pong Pong Play Paint which says that it can be worn on either your cheeks or your lips and can last for 10 hours. You only need a really small bit of this when using it. I tried it on my lips and it has such a nice and natural pinky colour and looks lovely on my lips. It also says that it will leave the colour without the dryness and that the Pumpkin Seed Oil in the product can help with damaged skin which will be perfect for my lips as they get really chapped and dry around this time of year. 
So that is everything that was in the October Glossybox. I loved all of the products that were included and love that Glossybox suited their products for the time of year, including lots of things for dry skin. I love this box and I already can’t wait to get my next one next month! I would definitely recommend purchasing a subscription at Glossybox as it is so helpful for bringing you new products and allowing you to try out smaller versions before purchasing.  I hope you have liked my first blog post and I will hopefully be uploading a new post each week which will be related to beauty, fashion or lifestyle. 


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