Mini January Haul

After Christmas is over, it’s all about the sales! I got a little bit of money for Christmas so I thought I would treat myself to some things that I’ve been wanting for a while. So I thought I would put them all into a mini haul to show them all to you.

The first place that I ordered things from was Amazon, I had seen the advert about them having a sale from Christmas Eve so these things I ordered just before New Year. I’m not sure if all of these things were in the sale but I wanted it so I treated myself haha! The first thing I got was a new Selfie Stick. My parents got me a selfie stick for Christmas 2 years ago but it was one that came with a remote and the back didn’t fit on properly so it didn’t work. I got this because I knew we had a lot of family over for New Year and we like to take a lot of pictures when we’re together so I got it for that but when I actually got round to using it, it wasn’t charged up so we had to settle for just using the phone.

The second thing I got was the Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in 107. I have been looking for a perfect red lipstick that I can wear for both the day and the night. I’m really fussy when it comes to red lipsticks because if they’re too bright, I won’t wear them and if they’re too dark I won’t either. I got this one because it was quite cheap, it looked like the perfect red shade and I also have one of the nude lipsticks from this collection. I have tried this but haven’t worn it for a full day yet, it was the perfect red shade for me and I will be wearing this at the weekend.

The final thing from Amazon is my favourite and I have been looking at buying one for a while now. It is a make up organiser and if you follow me on Instagram you will already have seen a picture of this. I love it so much! Before having one, all my make up was in a massive make up bag and I had to literally empty the whole thing every morning I wanted to do my make up just to be able to find things! With this I have it organised so in the top draw I have all of my base products like primers and foundations, then I have eye products and then lip products that I don’t use on an every day basis. I’m so happy with this and I would definitely recommend buying one if you love make up and have a lot of it.

Last week I went shopping with my parents and thought I would treat myself to some Sanctuary products. So I decided to get the Cleanse Warming Detox Charcoal Wash. I haven’t used this yet as I wanted to use them and do a review on all 3 products for my blog. I also got two of the face masks that they do and I picked up the 5 Minute Boost Mask and the Beauty Sleep Face Mask which I will definitely be using the night before one of my nights out soon.

I also got this Black Bomber Jacket from New Look. I have been wanting a Bomber jacket for a while but I wasn’t sure if they would suit me but I’m so glad I got this one. I have seen some in Topshop but I got this one because I wanted a cheaper alternative. I also got this in a size bigger so that I could wear jumpers underneath.


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