What I Got For My Birthday

I wanted to do one of these posts as a ‘What I Got For Christmas’, but I never got round to writing the post and taking the pictures and I’d already used or started to use a lot of the products I wanted to show you so I gave up on that idea as I knew that my Birthday was at the end of January so here is the ‘What I Got For My Birthday’ post. Just want to quickly say, I love reading these kinds of posts and love seeing what other people got to add to my Beauty Wishlist.

One of the presents from my parents were the Adidas Superstar Trainers. I love these and I mentioned them to my parents when they asked me what I wanted but I didn’t expect to actually get them because of the price of them! I can’t wait to start styling these and there will be a lot of blog posts featuring these in the future.

Adidas Superstar Trainers

All of my family know me very well because I got plenty of bath stuff this year too. My Auntie and Uncle got the a Ted Baker Mini Treasures Gift Set. I have never had any of the sets from Ted Baker before but this smells amazing and I can’t wait to start using this. Also the box is so pretty, I will definitely be keeping this as storage for all of the bath products I’ve got!

Ted Baker Mini Treasures Gift Set

My parents also got me this Lipcote product. I have never heard of these type of products before and I also haven’t tried this yet but it is basically something that you put on your lips after you’ve put your lipstick on and it helps the lipstick to last longer on your lips.


When my parents asked me what I wanted for my Birthday, I gave them a little list of the trainers and two products from Urban Decay that I have been wanting for a while. The first one is the Naked Skin Concealer. I am in need of a new concealer and because of my blog, I don’t want to always be using the same products in each post as I am planning to show you some make up looks that I create. They also got me the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. I have never tried a setting spray before but I have heard how good they are and how they make your make up stay on all day.

Naked Skin Concealer
All Nighter MakeUp Setting Spray

The last thing that my parents got me were the Mini Beauty Blenders, which my mum knows I wanted for a while. She knows I love to use the Sponges and Beauty Blenders to apply my make up and I had also mentioned to her about wanting the Mini ones to be able to get into all the small areas around my eyes when applying make up.

Mini Beauty Blender

Also, at the weekend my best friend and boyfriend gave me the presents that they had got me as I hadn’t had the chance to see them on my Birthday. I love the presents that my friend Sophie got me, she also has a blog so go and check her blog out, I will link it down below. The first thing was this Giraffe Eye Mask from Boux Avenue. I love this and anyone who knows me personally knows how much I love Giraffes. I literally have two Giraffe onesies, 2 pairs of Giraffe slippers, a Giraffe blanket and probably other Giraffe products that I can’t think of right now! So I love this eye mask, and it is so soft!

Giraffe Eye Mask

Sophie also got me this little notebook which is so cute! I love this so much as it is personalised to my Blog. I told her a couple of weeks ago that I wanted a notebook to write all my blog post ideas down but I would just have got a plain one if I bought one for myself so this is even better! So thank you again for these Sophie, I love them!

The final presents that I got were from my boyfriend. He knows that Red Roses are my favourite flowers so he had a big bunch of these sent to my house to arrive on the day of my birthday. He also got me lots of Lush Bath Bombs as he knows I love these. He got me Lover Lamp, Sex Bomb, Intergalactic and Think Pink. The final present he got me is the Vera Wang Princess perfume! He knows this is my favourite perfume that I have and that I’m running out so he treated me to new bottle!

I can’t believe all of the presents that I got this year for my Birthday. I’m very lucky and I am not bragging about anything that I got. I love to read these kind of posts as I have a ‘Wishlist’ that I create from other peoples Blog posts and I treat myself to the products on this as the year goes on.

Sophie’s Blog: http://sophiesescape.blogspot.co.uk/


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