31 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 13 & 14

Day 13: My Earliest Memory

“Before you find your soul mate, you must first discover your soul” – Charles F. Glassman (The Happiness Planner)

I have literally the worst memory ever! I can’t remember what I was doing 10 minutes ago, never mind so many years ago. The earliest memory that I can think of whilst trying to write this (I can probably remember earlier than this but not at the minute) is when I was in primary school, in year 3 it was. So I was around 7/8 years old ish. We always did a school play at Christmas but this year we did one about a little fir tree who turned into a Christmas tree and I played the role of the little fir tree. I’ve never really been too confident and would never normally play the main role in anything, especially now but I always remember the outfit I had to wear and on the night of the play, I just looked straight to the back of the room because I didn’t want to see my parents whilst I was doing it. But it was all alright in the end and now family laugh at me because of my stupid costume and the fact I was dressed as a tree… Thankfully I don’t have any pictures so can’t show you any! Haha! 
Day 14: If I Won The Lottery…
“Time does not heal everything but acceptance will heal everything” – Buddha (The Happiness Planner)

If I won the lottery the first thing I would do is move out of living with my parents and live on my own. I would love to have my own house and have enough money to decorate every single room exactly how I wanted it. I would also pay for a holiday for me and my family, maybe to Australia to visit family over there who we haven’t seen for years! I would also just buy any clothes and make up that I wanted there and then without having to worry about how much each product costs. And finally I would love to go travelling so I would pay for me and someone else to travel the world. 

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