7 Ways to Become More Positive

So for today’s post I wanted to do a more Lifestyle type of post. Being positive is something that I personally want to make sure that I am but sometimes it can be difficult. So here are 7 ways that help me to stay positive.

Writing Things Down
I have been using my Happiness Planner (See my post all about it here) to write everything down but before this, I would just write things in a small notebook. I write down literally anything, it can be how I’m feeling about something, if I have something going on that day. Even if I don’t write a lot, I make sure that I write something each day. I find that if I’m feeling negative about something, if I write down how I’m feeling about it, it is easier to see the positives within the same situation. 

Talk To People
This can sound like a pretty simple point, but when you’re feeling bad about things it is easy to keep it to yourself. If I feel anxious or worried about anything I always finding talking to either my mum or my best friend really helps me. I find it helps to hear how other people would react in the same situation or just to get some advice from other people, it can really help you to see things from a different point of view. 
Focus On The Positives
This is quite hard if you naturally think of the negatives in each situation. However, I think that I am a lot better at doing this now. If you start to focus on the positive outcome from different situations, eventually you will just start to do this naturally.
Read Positive Quotes
Everyone loves a good quote don’t they?! I always find a quote can have quite a positive impact on me if I can relate that quote to a certain situation going on with me. Just reading them and maybe sharing them on your social media as a reminder to yourself can be positive and motivate you to be more positive.

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Practice Mindfulness
I love to practice mindfulness. I found out about an app called Headspace and it just allows you to take 10 minutes out of your day to just calm down and forget about everything that is going on. I tend to do this before I go to bed and it just really helps me to calm down. There are also other apps and books that you can read which will also have the same impact. 

Put Yourself First
This is something that I would never do, I would always drop everything for other people no matter what was going on with me. But recently I have been putting myself first instead. This might seem quite selfish, especially to other people but at the end of the day, the only person that can really make you happy is yourself! 
Find Something You Love & Focus On That
So for me, this is blogging. Whenever I have something going on that is getting me down or anxious, I will start to either plan or write blog posts and it will instantly take my mind off things. I think this is a really big way to become more positive because if you are doing something you love, you’re more likely to be happy. 

These are all my own points and all things that work for me personally. Over the past few months I have noticed such a change in how positive I am on a daily basis and I really think that it is down to me doing these 7 things each day. 

Beth X

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