April Favourites

I literally can’t believe that it is May already! Like what, this year is going so quick!! So here are all of my favourite things from April. I only have a couple of Beauty favourites this month so I will start with those.

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover
This has been a saviour for me this past month. Taking nail polish off is such a hassle for me and because my nail polish chips so easily, it is something that I have to do a lot. This just makes it so quick and easy, you don’t need any cotton pads. You literally just put your finger into the pot, swirl it around and the nail polish comes off. It is literally that easy!

Buy it here.
Zoeva Rose Golden Palette
I can’t remember when I actually got this palette but I tried it out this month and it is the only eye shadows I have been wearing all month whenever I have worn make up. The colours are so pigmented and there are so many looks you can create with this palette. And also it is really affordable.  
Buy it here. 

My New iPhone

The main thing that happened to me in April was buying my new phone. When I got my iPhone 5S, I cracked the screen not long after getting it but never got it repaired. I was desperate for a new phone so my contract finally ended and I could get a new one so of course I went for the iPhone 6S in Rose Gold.
At the very start of the month I watched a documentary on Netflix called Blackfish which is all about the killer whales being kept at SeaWorld in America. I’d never really had an opinion on the whales being kept there and having to perform shows everyday until I watched this and saw how the whales were treated and some of the things that certain whales had been through during their time at SeaWorld. This documentary has given me a complete different outlook on SeaWorld. 

Megan McKenna Loungewear Set
Everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love Megan McKenna so of course when she announced that she had a clothing line with Miss Pap I had to check it out. I love so many of the pieces but I have seen loungewear sets for ages now and I really wanted one so I just ordered this grey one. I have pretty much lived in it since ordering it. As soon as I get home from work I will put this on, it’s not too thick but it does keep you warm so it is perfect. I will definitely be ordering a couple of others in different colours. Buy it here. 



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