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Hey Guys! So I was tagged by Leah to do the Beauty Blogger Tag so thank you for the tag Leah. Check out her YouTube Channel here. I don’t know if I was supposed to leave a new set of questions for the people who I tag to answer so I’ll just use the ones that Leah tagged me to do. 

1. If you could only use one product on your face in your make up routine, what would you use?
I think mine would be the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation because I hate not wearing a base on my face and I love this foundation. 
2. What does your everyday look consist of?
I have a pretty simple base of foundation and highlighting with concealer. I will then bronze my face up with bronzer and add some highlight. I will then finish my look with some mascara and some lipstick so it is usually quite simple. 
3. Are you more high street brands or high end luxury?
I think I’m a bit of a mixture, like my foundations and mascaras tend to be more high street brands and I have more high end eye shadow palettes and lipsticks. So I would say a bit of a mixture. 
4. What is your must have, top shelf make up product in your collection? 
I think mine would be the Urban Decay Naked Palette, I love this palette and I find myself using it so much! I think the colours are perfect!
5. What is your favourite brush in your collection?
Ok so I know this isn’t technically a brush but my Real Techniques Complexion Sponge I think it’s called. I love this, I use this to apply my foundation and my concealer. 
6. Skincare routine is as important, what is your skincare routine?
I really need to have a good skincare routine as I don’t have a proper one at the minute. I use the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, I try to use this once a day however this doesn’t always work. I then use the Simple Light Moisturiser. I also use the Along Came Betty Hands That Do Wishes hand lotion and the Nuxe Lip Balm. 

7. What is your least favourite part of your beauty routine?
My least favourite part of my beauty routine is probably my eyebrows. I rarely do anything to my eyebrows because they are quite thick anyway so when I fill them in, they can look too thick sometimes so I tend not to do anything with them. 
8. Try to be honest about this one, how long does it take you to get ready?
On a daily basis, it probably takes me about half an hour to do my full face of make up. If I’m going out for a night out or want to do a nice look with my eye shadows, I will give myself a full hour to get ready. 
9. Do you have a beauty wishlist? If so let me know what’s in your wishlist
Of course I have a beauty wishlist! I’ll read people’s blog posts or watch people’s youtube videos and see a product they rave about and add it to my wishlist. A couple of things on there are the Anastasia Beverley Hills Glow Kits, some of the Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks and the new Too Faced Sweet Peaches Palette. 
10. Are you on the beauty trends like a hawk, or like a sloth when jumping onto the band wagon?
I would like to be like a hawk but I am definitely more like a sloth when it comes to beauty trends. I am always like last to find out the new beauty trends. 
I tag:
Sophie from Sophie’s Escape
Shani from Pretty Little Flirt
And anybody else who wants to do this tag 🙂

Beth X


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