La Moda x Sarah Ashcroft

Sarah Ashcroft is one of my all time favourite bloggers. I love her blog posts and her style so when I found out she was doing a collaboration with La Moda, I knew I would love what she created with them. There are 4 pieces in this collection, I’ve only picked up 2 so they will be the ones that I show you. I have also never ordered anything from La Moda before this. 

I picked up the Grey Holdall Bag, as I’m going on holiday really soon and I didn’t have anything for my hand luggage. I thought this looked like the perfect size because it’s so big. It’s a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be but I’m not complaining! I also thought that this will be the perfect bag for when I start back at university in September. 

It has different little storage spaces within the bag to hold anything you want such as loose change, your phone… Literally whatever you want! It also comes with a long strap so you can wear this across your body or on your shoulder, if that’s how you prefer to have your bags. 

I also picked up the Grey Croc Purse because my purse at the minute is falling apart, I desperately needed a new one! I love this because I have a matching purse and handbag now and also it has so many card holders, which I need because I have a lot of cards for different shops! 

The purse also has some writing inside which says La Moda ft. Sarah Ashcroft, which I think is a really nice touch to the purse. It has the same coloured lining as the handbag too and has plenty of little pockets for cards and any change.

Both items came in a really cute bag that says La Moda ft. Sarah Ashcroft, which I thought was so cute! It’s just a nice touch to the items and you can also keep them safe when storing them. La Moda also sent a little packet of sweets with 2 stickers, one which says Girl Power and the other says Regulation Hottie… I just think this is a really cute touch to the La Moda packaging.



  1. Beth Carney July 8, 2016 / 5:54 pm

    I know the bag is so big!! They're such a cute little touch aren't they! xx

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