Shadow Switch – Dry Brush Cleaner Review

Washing and Cleaning my make up brushes is one of the jobs that I absolutely hate doing and I definitely put off doing it for as long as I can… Don’t tell me you don’t do that too! So when I found the Beauty Essentials Account on Twitter and noticed that they needed bloggers to review their Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner, I had to get in touch with them! They sent over the product for me to review, however all of the opinions on my blog are always my own.

Beauty Essentials are a team that are creating a range of Essential Beauty Tools and I can’t wait to see what other products they come up with! The Shadow Switch enables you to quickly clean your make up brush to allow you to use the same make up brush with different colours, hence the name Shadow Switch.


If I’m honest, I was a little bit sceptical about this product when I first tried it as I didn’t think it would actually work, however it really does! I used this with a red eye shadow, just to test how well the product worked with darker colours and it got rid of the shadow. It did leave a little bit in the bristles but that is what a deep clean is for. The brush was still so good to use with other shadows straight afterwards and didn’t leave any red shadow within the other that I chose to use afterwards.

I now tend to use this everyday, when I can’t be bothered to clean my make up brushes completely, I just reach for this and quickly swirl the brush around in the pot and it gets rid of all of the colour left on the brush, leaving it clean for you to use a different colour. This product will be available in Sephora and on the Beauty Essentials website so I will let you all know when it is available to buy.

I would definitely recommend trying this product out when it launches, especially if you are like me and put off giving your make up brushes a deep clean for as long as you can. This is the perfect little tool to quickly clean your brushes.
Beth X

Beauty Essentials Twitter Account – @BeautyEssUK

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