5 Things My Relationship Has Taught Me*

I’m sure, as you all know it was Valentines Day on Wednesday and I’m still in such a loving mood that I wanted to keep that theme going for this weeks blog post! I’ve been in a relationship with Kieran for almost 2 years now and as cringe as it might sound, they have been the most amazing 2 years! I know that 2 years may not seem like a very long time compared to others relationships but Kieran has really taught me so many things and made me realise what is important so I thought I’d share them with you!

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Communication is Key!

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a relationship and this is something I was so bad at. I used to find it so hard to open up to someone and really express how I’m feeling but my relationship has really taught me how to do this and how important it really is to share how you’re feeling and what is bothering you with your partner.


Its the Little Things!

Whether it’s Kieran turning up at my house with a bag of my favourite crisps and a bar of my favourite chocolate, or one of us suggesting a movie night with a takeaway, these little gestures can honestly mean so much! I love having a night in with Kieran, getting a takeaway and watching a movie or series we’ve been in to over going on a big date night to a fancy restaurant (don’t get me wrong I love those dates too!) But the smaller and more thoughtful gestures mean so much!



Trusting someone can be something that is so hard to do, especially if you’ve been hurt in the past. But without trust a relationship can break down so easily. My relationship has taught me that trust is one of the most important things within a relationship and as much as you think you won’t be able to trust anyone again, when you find the right person you will be able to!


How To Stop Overthinking

I am one of the worst people at overthinking. I literally overthink everything and most nights will lay in bed at 2am thinking about all of the Uni work I’ve not done yet and all of the things that need doing! Kieran is the person that I’ll share these worries with and he’s really taught me how to calm down, stop stressing over things that I can’t do anything about at that moment in time (I’m not gonna be getting up at 2am to start writing my dissertation!) and to just relax.

Love yourself!

Loving yourself is so important and it is something that I have struggled with. Of course everyone has insecurities but we need to learn to love these things about ourselves and instead of putting ourselves down, we need to be positive and love ourselves too! I always think if you wouldn’t say the things you say about yourself to someone else, then why are you saying them about yourself? Kieran has started to teach me how to love myself and of course there are days when I feel really insecure about certain things, but he’s always there to bring me back up again!

I hope you enjoyed this little Valentines inspired post! Let me know what you’ve learnt from your relationships too!


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