Washing and Cleaning my make up brushes is one of the jobs that I absolutely hate doing and I definitely put off doing it for as long as I can… Don’t tell me you don’t do that too! So when I found the Beauty Essentials Account on Twitter and noticed that they needed bloggers to review their Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner, I had to get in touch with them! They sent over the product for me to review, however all of the opinions on my blog are always my own.

Beauty Essentials are a team that are creating a range of Essential Beauty Tools and I can’t wait to see what other products they come up with! The Shadow Switch enables you to quickly clean your make up brush to allow you to use the same make up brush with different colours, hence the name Shadow Switch.


If I’m honest, I was a little bit sceptical about this product when I first tried it as I didn’t think it would actually work, however it really does! I used this with a red eye shadow, just to test how well the product worked with darker colours and it got rid of the shadow. It did leave a little bit in the bristles but that is what a deep clean is for. The brush was still so good to use with other shadows straight afterwards and didn’t leave any red shadow within the other that I chose to use afterwards.

I now tend to use this everyday, when I can’t be bothered to clean my make up brushes completely, I just reach for this and quickly swirl the brush around in the pot and it gets rid of all of the colour left on the brush, leaving it clean for you to use a different colour. This product will be available in Sephora and on the Beauty Essentials website so I will let you all know when it is available to buy.

I would definitely recommend trying this product out when it launches, especially if you are like me and put off giving your make up brushes a deep clean for as long as you can. This is the perfect little tool to quickly clean your brushes.
Beth X

Beauty Essentials Twitter Account – @BeautyEssUK

September has been a crazy month for me, I have been working non-stop as well as started university (thank you to everyone who spoke to me about being nervous the night before!). On the rare day that I have had off and had absolutely nothing to do, I have been trying to create some make up looks that I wouldn’t usually, and also trying to find new products. So here are all the things that I loved throughout September

You may have seen my Blog post about my Kylie Cosmetics Mini Mattes Collection that I ordered. I got this as there were a few colours that I wanted to try and I absolutely fell in love with the shade Exposed, yes another nude! I don’t own any colour like this, however I’m sure there are dupes out there! It is a more peachy nude rather than your usual pink or brown toned nudes and I just love it. I have been reaching for this any time I want to wear a nude lip now and I will definitely be ordering the full liquid lipstick. 

Another post I put up a few weeks ago was about the Spectrum Collections Set that I ordered. I am in love with the whole set but the A05 Small Angled Brush has been my favourite. I read somewhere to use this for Blush (which I wouldn’t have thought to use this type of brush for) but it works amazingly! I used to use the Real Techniques Blush Brush but I found it a little too big. This brush is perfect and it blends the blush so nicely. I am obsessed. 

This month, as I said, I have been trying to do things in my make up routine that I don’t always do. One of those things being liquid eyeliner. But this month I have been loving it and I find if I decide not to wear it, my eyes feel bare and I have to apply some. I have been using the L’oreal Super Liner in Intense Black, I find it so easy to apply. Next up, trying to create winged eyeliner looks! 

My final favourite for September is the Girl on The Train. I read this book within a few days, I just couldn’t put it down! I love books and films like this so it was so interesting to me. I know that the film has finally come out so I’m currently trying to force someone to come and watch it with me! So maybe that will be in my October Favourites…

Beth X 

As of yesterday, it is officially Autumn! I’m so excited and I think Autumn is my favourite season of the year. I’ve had quite a few Make Up Looks planned for this time of year, ones that I haven’t even tried before either. So this is my first look that I created, I really wanted to do this look as Berry/Dark lips are always in at the time of the year.
I started with using the L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying Base Primer as I didn’t want the skin to look too dewy with this look. I then used my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation as I feel like this foundation gives me really good coverage. I used the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer to highlight under my eyes and down the centre of my face. I also used the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer just to carve out my brows.
I used the Barry M Brow Kit to lightly fill in my brows and set this with my Rimmel Clear Brow Gel.
To contour, I have been loving using the Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit. I have also been using the Highlighting Powder in the kit to set all of my concealer in place. I also used the Rimmel Bronzing Sun Shimmer Powder to add a bit of colour on my forehead, cheeks and around my jaw line.
I used the Collection Speedy Highlighter to highlight. I find if I use a cream highlight and then apply a powder highlighter over the top, the highlight is so much more intense. So I went over this with the Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter.
For the eyes I mainly used the Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette, I used the shades Transition, Bestie, R U Kitten Me and Brownie Points in the crease and blended all of these together. I then went into the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette and used one of the shimmery shades.
To finish off the eyes I used the L’Oreal Super Liner and the Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara. Finally, for the main part of this make up look I used the Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Leo. I love this lipstick and I think this make up look is perfect for the Autumn Time. Let me know if you recreate a similar kind of look!
Beth X


If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you will remember my post in February when I got my first Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Mary Jo K. Since then I have become obsessed with her Liquid Lipsticks and have wanted to try lots of the shades she came out with. Recently, I ordered the 6 Mini Matte Liquid Lipstick set that she released in her Birthday Collection, as it included 4 shades that I really wanted to try, as well as 2 that I already have.
L-R: Exposed, Dolce, Candy, Koko, Kristen & Leo
The colour Exposed is pretty much the perfect nude colour. It is more of a peachy/orangey toned nude compared to the other nudes like Dolce and Candy. This is my favourite shade out of the whole set of 6 and I will definitely be ordering the full size one of this soon!
Dolce K 
Dolce K was one of the first colours that Kylie came out with and I still hadn’t tried it! It is a lot more of a cool toned brown kind of colour on me but I really like it. I don’t have a colour like this in my collection so far.
Candy K 
Candy K is a shade that I already had so I know that I already liked this one! It is more pinky than Dolce K but not as pink as Koko K. This is like a perfect nude colour for me with a hint of brown in it too. The mini versions of the 2 shades that I already have are perfect for when I wear them on nights out, I can take the mini one out so I’m not carrying the bigger one with me.
Koko K 
Again, I already had the shade Koko K and love it. It is much more a baby pink kind of colour on me and is a lot more pinky than Candy K on me.
Kristen is a shade I’ve been dying to try since it came out but I didn’t want to order it incase it didn’t suit me. However I love how it looks. It is a pinky red kind of colour and is definitely not as red as Mary Jo K.
This shade is the main reason that I ordered this set, I have never tried a colour like this before but I really wanted to as I think they are the perfect Autumnal colour the wear on your lips. It is a deep red/purple colour which I love, however I’m not too sure about how it looks on me so this will definitely need to be tested more.

This month, I found myself desperate for my Birchbox to come just so I could test out the products that came with it. The theme of this month’s box is Heroes and it comes in a draw rather than a box again. I also love the design of the box, it’s quite simple and it matches the colour scheme of my bedroom with the pinks.

ModelCo Highlighting Trio – £14
I haven’t tested this out yet as I have barely worn make up since getting the box but I can’t wait to! It is a creamy formula and comes with 3 different shades (obviously as it is a highlighting trio…) It has the shades Champagne, Peach Bellini & Bronze. From swatching the Champagne shade on the back of my hand, it is quite pigmented and gives a subtle shimmer, it would definitely be build able and you could even add a powder highlight over the top if you’re like me and love your highlighting to be glowing.

Batiste Stylist Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray – £4.29
I don’t tend to use hairspray so much but it is always handy to have a can in my hair draw just incase. I love Batiste as well, I am forever using their dry shampoo so I’m sure I will love their hairspray just as much. This also sounds amazing as it is supposed to add extra volume to your hair, which is perfect for nights out.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Blemish -Less – £29
The reason there is no picture of this is because I took it out of the box to test the other day and I have no clue what I have done with it! Another reason why I should photograph things before I use them! Anyway, this is a water-based gel primer that is supposed to keep your make up in place for longer. I have only tested this the once and can’t say I noticed a massive difference from my regular primers, but I will definitely have to test this out more once I’ve found it!
Nuxe Prodigieux Shower Oil – £10
This is probably the product that I was most excited for, as I have a lip balm from Nuxe and it is the best lip balm I have ever tried. I have only had the chance to test this once but I am so impressed. It left my skin feeling so soft and smooth and I could definitely notice a difference in my skin when I hadn’t used this! And considering that it is only £10, it’s amazing!

Polaar The Genuine Lapland Cream – £15
This face and body cream claims to pamper, protect and repair all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin. It is quite a thick cream and feels very hydrating on the skin. I also love the scent as it is packed with 3 arctic berries. I can’t wait to give this a real test in the winter months when my skin becomes so dry.