It is almost coming up to my absolute favourite time of year… Autumn! I’m getting so excited now, I just love everything about Autumn, it is definitely my favourite season. Anyway, today I’ve got my August favourites. August was quite a busy month for me, with working, having a girls night with my best friend Sophie, a family wedding and spending the weekend in London.
Me Before You
I absolutely loved this book! At the start of July, I bought quite a few books for whilst I was on holiday, but Sophie let me read one of hers so mine kind of just waited. I started this book at the start of August and considering I’ve had such a busy month I’m surprised I finished it within the month (I’m not a big reader). I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t want to spoil it but basically it is about a girl called Louisa who get’s a job looking after a man called Will, so it’s all about their lives. But if you are going to read this book, definitely get the tissues ready because I literally cried myself to sleep once I’d finished it!

Mary Jo K
I know I have mentioned this in a couple of posts but this has been my go to lip colour this month definitely! I wore it when me and Sophie had our girls night, I was going to wear it to the family wedding but it didn’t match my outfit and I wore it a couple of times in London too. I love how long it lasts, even when I’ve been eating and drinking all night it still seems to look perfect on the lips!

Midi Skirts
I have never been a fan of Midi Skirts because I’m quite short and I felt like they always looked funny on me because of the length. However this month I have been wearing them so much and I am really loving them at the minute! I wore one from Boohoo to a night out in Liverpool with my boyfriend and his friends, and I wore this one from Pretty Little Thing when me and Sophie had Girls Night (full post about this will be coming soon!!)

Skirt from Boohoo

Skirt from Pretty Little Thing


Glossy LipsĀ 
Towards the end of August, I bought a couple of lip glosses, which I will show you properly in a Haul post which is coming soon too! Usually I love a matte lip and it is all I wear but my lips have been so dry that I have been going more towards a glossy lip. I ordered the Kylie Lip Gloss in So Cute and it’s what I’ve been wearing on a day to day basis. I am obsessed. (Also can you tell I love this Snapchat Filter yet…)

Spectrum Brushes
My last favourite this month are some brushes from Spectrum, which again I will be going into more in a separate post. But they are amazing, they are so soft and look how pretty they are! They look so cute in my little make up brush holders I have.

I’m sorry that I haven’t gone into too much detail on a couple of these favourites as I have posts coming where I go into more detail about them. I have been so inspired recently and have so many blog post ideas that will be coming over the next couple of weeks!
Beth X

Of course, on our last two nights we went out for food and drinks. I had found this really nice playsuit from New Look a few weeks before we went away and loved it! So I saved this for one of our last nights, it is a really thin material so is perfect for when you’re on holiday and it’s hot!
On our last night, we were invited to the opening night of a new restaurant so we spent our night there. I wore the 90’s style black crop top with my Embroidered shorts from Missguided. I also wore this kimono over the top, as we’d spent the past few nights out quite late and sat outside and it got a little bit colder as the night went on. 

I will be back to posting every Tuesday and Friday now that I have posted all of my Holiday Lookbook. 
Beth X 

On our fifth day in Spain, we spent the day around the pool again. For the night, I wore this White Bardot top from Topshop, my shorts from Missguided and of course my sandals from Asos. I also wore this really cute Choker from Topshop, which I am obsessed with. 

We went to a bar called Fusion where we had cocktails before going for our tea. The bar was right next to the beach so we had such an amazing view!

Top: Topshop
Shorts: Missguided
Shoes: Asos
Choker: Topshop

As we’d pretty much all been burnt from sunbathing the past few days, on our fourth day we decided to go up into the main village of Mojacar and spend our day looking around the markets which we there that day. The main village is up the hills from where my Grandparents live so this was the view from up there. 

We ate dinner in one of the pubs up in the Village and then came back to my Grandparents to get ready for the night. I wore this Striped Crop Top from Topshop with my favourite Embroidered shorts from Missguided. I of course wore the Asos Chunky Sandals that I wore every single night I think! 
I also went for a bright lip again and wore my Kylie Lip Kit in Mary Jo K. Whilst we were there, I was desperate to do a quiz but there weren’t any on! So as the DJ in the bar we went to knows my Grandparents, he gave me a couple of previous quiz sheets. I gave them back to him and got a free cocktail in return… Who’s gonna say no to that?! 
Top: Topshop
Shorts: Missguided
Shoes: Asos

Again, we spent our third day around the pool, sunbathing and I spent most of the day reading Billy & Me, which is now my new favourite book! Instead of going out for tea, we had a barbecue at my Nanna and Grandad’s apartment before going out for Cocktails by the beach. 
This is probably my favourite outfit from the holiday as I love how these shorts looked! I wore these White shorts which had little pom poms at the bottom, with one of the 90’s style Black Crop Top. I wore this with the same Asos chunky sandals that I wore the previous night and used one of the chokers that I wore the previous night also. 

As I said in my last post, I loved wearing Bright Lipstick on holiday, so this night I wore Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Rio, which is such a bright pink colour but I absolutely loved wearing it whilst I was away. 
The bar that we went to was called Ankara and the cocktails were so good. It is right on the beach front so had the perfect view as well! 
Shorts: Missguided
Shoes: Asos
Chokers: Asos
Sunglasses: Quay