Firstly, I just want to mention my absence from my blog! Uni work and assignments well and truly caught up with me and I had absolutely no spare time! But I am back and I have planned and written so many blog posts so there shouldn’t be any more breaks from blogging from me! So this past weekend, me and my best friend Sophie went to the Clothes Show in Birmingham. We spent the day there shopping, meeting Bloggers and watching the fashion show. I absolutely loved it and would love to go again next year, but I thought I would show you all what I got whilst I was at the Clothes Show.
I have been after trying a tooth whitening product for a while now as I would love my teeth the be whiter and to test whether products actually work. I have heard so many things about the brand CocoWhite, that when I saw they had a stand at the Clothes Show and their products were discounted, I had to get some! I picked up one box of the 14 Day Course in Minty Fresh. I haven’t tried them yet but I’m sure they will be a blog post about whether they worked or not.

We then went to the Barry M stand, where they were selling a goody bag with so many products in! I can’t remember the price of the goody bag but I know there was so much in it for the price! We got 6 nail polishes – one matte, two normal ones, one gelly one, a lolly gloss one and finally an aquarium glitter one (which is definitely my favourite). We also got four lip products – a lip balm, a lip gloss, a lip crayon and a lipstick. Again, I haven’t tried these yet but they are all in a orange/coral colour. The final thing in the bag was a Contour, Blush and Highlight Palette. I probably only have one blush so I’m excited to try this one out and see if it’s any good.

I then got some of the most beautiful false eyelashes ever! They are from a brand called So Versailles Lashes and the ones I have are in the style Empire. I’m saving these ones for my 21st Birthday Party in January but I can’t wait to wear them!
The next make up bits that I got were these gorgeous sparkles from a brand called Blush Sparkles. I will tweet a link to their page as well so check my Twitter if you want to check them out! I got the colours Champagne, Rose and I can’t remember the name of the dark shade but it’s so beautiful and I think that one especially would look good for a night out. They were such a good price as well, £3.50 for one tub of sparkles!

The final things I got are from the brand Cute Nutrition, which is a brand I have wanted to try for so long, but I didn’t know if I would like the taste of their shakes. At the Clothes Show you were able to sample the shakes to see which flavour you liked the most. So I picked up the Strawberry Daiquiri flavour in the Sculpt and Tone powders. They had a deal that if you bought one tub of powder, you get another free along with the really cute shaker! Again, I’m not starting this until after the new year but hopefully I will be able to see some results and will be able to keep you updated.

So, if you follow me on Snapchat, you will probably have seen that I spent this weekend away in the Lake District. We went for my boyfriend’s birthday and had a long weekend away in Greystoke. When we were looking I knew that we wanted to stay in a lodge so when I found the Thanet Well Lodge site, it was just what we wanted! And when we got there, it did not disappoint! We booked through Ho Seasons so I will leave the link at the bottom of the page.

The site is beautiful and obviously full of lodges. We stayed in an Elonby 2 style lodge and it was perfect for what we needed it for. The lodge was really open which we loved, with the living room, kitchen and dining area all in the first part of the lodge. It also had 2 bathrooms, one big bathroom and a bathroom in the master bedroom. The main bedroom had a dressing area as well as a little walk in wardrobe. Then there was another bedroom, which obviously we didn’t use, but it would be perfect for a family of four.

Our Kitchen Area

Our Living Room Area

The staff on site were so friendly and helpful when we needed them and the whole site was so peaceful, which is just what we wanted. On the Saturday we went to the nearest lake which is Ullswater, where we went on the boat which takes you across the lake. It was so cold so we mainly spent our day in the different tearooms!

On the Sunday, we went back to the lake Ullswater, but a different side and went to a place called Glennriding. I wanted to go and see the waterfall at Aira Force, so we walked to pretty much the top of the waterfall.

I’m actually really sad to be home now, I loved our little weekend away. I would definitely go back to the lodges that we stayed in and we even spoke about having a look at other lodge sites they do and visiting somewhere else! I would definitely recommend Thanet Well Lodge, if you would like anymore information about the place then message me on Twitter @BethCarney_x

Link to the Lodge: HERE

As you probably know, Little Mix have recently released a song called ‘Shout out To My Ex‘. If you don’t know it, where have you been?! Anyway, hearing this song gave me some inspiration to write a blog post, as well as reading Vix Meldrew’s post, I wanted to create my own version. The lyrics ‘you made my heart break and that made me who I am’… Just YES!

This is not something that I would usually talk about on my blog, but I think a lot of people have been through relationships where they’ve been cheated on and lied to constantly, including me so that line in the song related to me straight away. I have become such a strong person after going through relationships like that and it also teaches you who is really there for you. The best thing to do after a break up is grab your girl friends and go out! Spend more time with them and focus on the things that make you happy!

Picture from Pinterest


This relationship taught me so much about who I should trust and that I should never settle for less than what I deserve. Breakups suck, but you always come out on the other side so much stronger than you were before. And now I am 100% happy in my relationship and am a completely different person to who I was.

Me & My Boyfriend last weekend

My breakups taught me that I should never be so focused on someone else that I lose myself in the process. I will always put myself and my happiness first. So as Little Mix say ‘Look at me now, I’m all the way up and I swear you’ll never bring me down’.
This was a little different for my Blog so I hope you liked this post. As soon as I heard this song, I loved it and was so inspired to write a post so here it is!
Beth X

I have been wanting to do this blog post for a while now, as Morley is often featured on my Instagram and Twitter, so I wanted to properly introduce you to my dog Morley and let you know all about her!

So first off, Morley is actually a girl! I don’t know why, maybe it’s the name, but everyone seems to think she is a boy. We even had to buy her a pink collar and lead for when we take her out. She is a Black Labrador and obviously she is so cute!

She likes to make a mess…

Morley might seem like a little bit of an odd name but there is a meaning behind it. We really wanted to call her Maci, however at the time we got Morley my auntie was pregnant and said if she had a girl she wanted to call the baby Maci, so obviously we didn’t want them to have the same name. So my dad asked on Facebook for suggestions of names for our dog. As you may know, my family love the rugby and we have had season tickets watching Warrington Wolves for years now, someone suggested naming our dog Morley, after the Warrington Wolves captain at the time Adrian Morley. So that’s exactly what we did as we all loved the name and now I can’t imagine calling her anything else.

Morley loves Warrington too!

Morley is now 3 years old, her birthday is on the 17th June. She is literally the funniest dog, she is usually chilled out and calm, but she always has a mad 5 minutes, quite a few times a day! She loves cuddles and will often come and climb on us to give us a cuddle whilst we are watching the TV. Also, she knows when someone in our house is upset, if we are crying (which is usually me, blame the hormones and all that), she will come over, move my hands from face with her nose and then she’ll give me a cuddle by putting her head down on my chest and laying with me until she knows I have fully calmed down.

Giving Dad a cuddle!

Obviously, being a big dog she loves her walks! I try to take her out as often as I can and we’ve recently been taking her to new places around where I live such as the forest which she absolutely loved!

As sad as it may sound, it is true that dogs are man’s best friend. I can’t imagine Morley not being a part of the family now. If you liked this post, make sure you comment on this post and share any pictures of your pets!
Beth X

Mental Health is a subject that is so close to my heart and I love anything that contributes towards helping people with Mental Health issues. In fact, I am planning to do my own post on Mental Health issues, which will hopefully be live soon! So, when I got an email to say that Coconut Lane had done a collaboration with Vlogger Maddie Bruce for World Mental Health Day, I knew I wanted to help by purchasing some of the products. Something that makes this collaboration even better is that 100% of the profits made by purchasing anything from this collection are being donated to the charity SANE.

So I ordered both of the prints from this collection as well as one of the phone cases. I love this print which says ‘Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness‘. I also got this print on the phone case that I ordered. I absolutely love this quote and I have had it saved on my phone for a while now so when I noticed that they had this print and phone case I knew I had to order it.

I also ordered the print that says ‘Your speed doesn’t matter. Forward is forward‘. I also love this print and I am a sucker for positive quotes, you will often find me posting them on my Instagram, so having a couple up on the walls around my room will just remind me to be more positive.

I love that these products were created for World Mental Health Day and that 100% of the profits are being donated to the charity SANE, so as well as buying some amazing prints and phone cases, you are also donating money to charity. So many people suffer with Mental Health issues and I think it is something that should be spoken about more and more awareness should be raised about Mental Health issues. As I said I am planning to do my own post all about Mental Health, however I want to take a little more time to make sure that the post is absolutely perfect.

If you would like to order anything you have seen in this blog post or anything else from Coconut Lane, you can use my discount code ‘bethcarney20‘ to get 20% off.
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