What’s in My Hand Luggage

As you probably know, I’m going on holiday really soon and these kind of blog posts are one of my favourite type to read, so I thought I would do my own. If you’ve read my last blog post then you will know I am planing on using my La Moda x Sarah Ashcroft Collaboration Bag as my hand luggage because it’s so big and can fit literally whatever I need and more! 

Headphones & Phone
Of course the main thing I am taking is my iPhone 6S with some headphones. I love listening to music and I find that it makes the time go quicker, and as our flight is quite early, I can just put my headphones in and maybe have a little nap. 
I love wearing comfy hoodies… I literally live in them! And I know you might think I’m mad taking a hoody on holiday with me but I always find that the planes are freezing! No matter what I’m wearing I always end up so cold on planes so I always like to take a spare hoody in my bag, literally to wear or just as a blanket whilst I’m on the plane. So I am taking this Joining Jack Hoody. 

I will definitely be taking my sunglasses so as soon as I step off the plane I have them to hand and can put them on straight away! I got these amazing Rose Gold Quay Australia sunglasses, so expect so many pictures of these over on my Instagram!
My friend Sophie recommended that I read Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher and she has let me read her copy whilst I’m away. I love to read whilst I’m on holiday and spend pretty much all day everyday by the pool reading so I thought if I take this on the plane with me, I may as well start it during the flight. 

Of course I will have my passport and everything else that I need for the flight but that’s all the boring stuff!


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