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Writing Blog posts on topics that are taboo and that people don’t really like to talk about is something that I would really like to start doing. To give my opinion on these taboo topics and why we really should be talking about them! So when the lovely girls from the brand Betty got in touch with me about their stand at the Clothes Show, I was so grateful that this could be the first topic in my little series of taboo subjects.
Betty are a brand that teach young girls all about their periods and how their bodies change throughout puberty. They teach girls all about this through a blog, a monthly subscription box and they are also doing a schools tour next year. So if they are going to your school, be sure to speak to them as all the girls I met at the Clothes Show were lovely and so helpful.
The Betty Subscription Box is amazing, as you know I am big fan of subscription boxes being subscribed to Birchbox and My Little Box. I would have loved having the option to be subscribed to a box like this when I started my period. If you’re a mum of a teenage girl reading this and are not sure of how to have the chat with your daughter about periods, getting them this subscription box is the perfect way to explain everything, as well as making sure they have everything they need for when their period starts.

When purchasing the Betty Box, you can tailor the box to your personal preferences, so you can choose either tampons or pads, or choose a mixture. You can then also choose out of number of brands that the Betty Box provide. You are also able to select a date out of three dates of the month, to ensure that your box will arrive before mother nature calls that month! As well as getting the necessities, Betty Box also provides little treats ranging from food to beauty products. In the box at the Clothes Show, they had some chocolate, an exfoliating polish and a really cute bracelet.
As I said, I wish I had the option to receive a subscription box like this when I was a teenager just starting my period. There was nothing around like this that I knew of when I was younger, the blog provides useful information about the changes that happen to a girls body as they begin puberty, as well as having some fun blog posts too! The girls also mentioned that they will be launching an app soon so I will also keep you updated with that as well!
And if you are older, the same company also run the Pink Parcel Subscription Box, which is now something that I am interested in being subscribed to. So definitely check the Betty and Pink Parcel Websites out.
You can find more information about the brand Betty over at their website, here.

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