4 Ways to Make Money from Blogging?!*

There are so many ways in which Bloggers can make a little bit of money from their blog and their influence online. Usually, Bloggers with a bigger following – therefore having a bigger influence – will be the Bloggers that will generally get paid and can begin Blogging full time. But there are ways in which smaller bloggers, like myself, are able to make a little bit of money from your Blog.


1. Affiliate Links/Codes!

Affiliate Links and Codes are something that you can work on with a brand, where you promote a product using a special discount code, and when an item is purchased through using your discount code, you make a little bit of money. There are so many brands that offer discount codes, Sigma work with Bloggers and make up artists, if you think of Morphe, they have lots of affiliate codes with bigger Bloggers and YouTubers. However, I have my own discount code with Coconut Lane, where you can use the code “bethcarney20” for 20% off everything!! (Gotta get a little bit of self-promo in here!)

2. Go Self-Hosted!

When first starting out Blogging, I started on Blogger. But when I realised I wanted to have more control over the way my blog looked and the things I could do with my Blog, I decided to go self hosted. I bought my domain through Site Ground who then transferred everything over from my Blogger website to this website for me. But since going self-hosted, I have definitely noticed an impact upon the opportunities and work I’ve received and been offered. When you own your website, brands and companies can look at your Domain Authority (DA) to see whether they’d like to work with you. Now I’m no expert on going self-hosted and your DA, but definitely research this if you’re looking at going full-time with blogging or even if you just want more control over your Blog.


3. Get Blogged

Get Blogged is a website that is still quite new, but offers Blogging Opportunities based on your DA (Domain Authority). They start at a DA of 5+ (which is great for us smaller bloggers who are just starting out) and go up to 40+. You can select opportunities and apply for ones that you feel are suitable for your Blog and fit the content that you’d like to post. Once hearing back from the website, you can then start writing and once your post is up, you can get paid for this! This website is perfect for finding paid blogging opportunities!

4. Bloggers Required

Bloggers Required is another website that shares opportunities for Bloggers to apply for based upon the content they’d like to post. The brands will then view the applications and choose Bloggers who fit their products and their brand. Not every opportunity on Bloggers Required offers a paid blogging opportunity, however, there are so many opportunities for different styles of bloggers, that it would be a good place to start if you’re just beginning to work with brands.

There are so many others ways in which smaller Bloggers can make a little bit of money, so if you have any tips or any other websites that offer opportunities, leave them in the comments below to help out other bloggers too!

* This post has been kindly sponsored, however all views and opinions are my own.


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