I have been wanting to do this blog post for a while now, as Morley is often featured on my Instagram and Twitter, so I wanted to properly introduce you to my dog Morley and let you know all about her!

So first off, Morley is actually a girl! I don’t know why, maybe it’s the name, but everyone seems to think she is a boy. We even had to buy her a pink collar and lead for when we take her out. She is a Black Labrador and obviously she is so cute!

She likes to make a mess…

Morley might seem like a little bit of an odd name but there is a meaning behind it. We really wanted to call her Maci, however at the time we got Morley my auntie was pregnant and said if she had a girl she wanted to call the baby Maci, so obviously we didn’t want them to have the same name. So my dad asked on Facebook for suggestions of names for our dog. As you may know, my family love the rugby and we have had season tickets watching Warrington Wolves for years now, someone suggested naming our dog Morley, after the Warrington Wolves captain at the time Adrian Morley. So that’s exactly what we did as we all loved the name and now I can’t imagine calling her anything else.

Morley loves Warrington too!

Morley is now 3 years old, her birthday is on the 17th June. She is literally the funniest dog, she is usually chilled out and calm, but she always has a mad 5 minutes, quite a few times a day! She loves cuddles and will often come and climb on us to give us a cuddle whilst we are watching the TV. Also, she knows when someone in our house is upset, if we are crying (which is usually me, blame the hormones and all that), she will come over, move my hands from face with her nose and then she’ll give me a cuddle by putting her head down on my chest and laying with me until she knows I have fully calmed down.

Giving Dad a cuddle!

Obviously, being a big dog she loves her walks! I try to take her out as often as I can and we’ve recently been taking her to new places around where I live such as the forest which she absolutely loved!

As sad as it may sound, it is true that dogs are man’s best friend. I can’t imagine Morley not being a part of the family now. If you liked this post, make sure you comment on this post and share any pictures of your pets!
Beth X